The Roland Prize for Art in Public Space

Since 1990 the Roland Prize for Public Art is awarded every three years by the foundation Bremen Sculptor Prize. The prize is named in imitation of the Roland statue that has been erected on the marketplace in Bremen in 1404. This statue is Bremen’s first free-standing sculpture in public space.

The Roland Prize is worth 15,000 Euro. It is awarded to artists whose works for art in public space are opening new thinking and action fields for public art. The conception of the prize and its awarding are closely linked to the Bremen Program of Public Art. Prizewinners so far are Jochen Gerz, Maria Nordman, Christian Boltanski, Thomas Hirschhorn, Stephan Huber, Hans Haacke and Monica Bonvicini.

The Prize involves the request to the prizewinners to develop an artistic project for the public space in Bremen.

Jochen Gerz has realised his project “The Bremen Questionnaire – SINE SOMNO NIHIL”, 1990-95 in the city.

Christian Boltanski realised the project “Les Regards – Sculpture for Bremen” from August 10th to September 30th 2004.

Stephan Huber realised his performative project “Arbeiten im Reichtum, 2” from 2008-2010 in the Bremen public space.