The Foundation Bremen Sculptor Prize

The Foundation Bremen Sculptor Prize is a private law foundation with legal capacity status. In 1979, on the occasion of the sculptor Gerhard Marcks’ 90th birthday the foundation trust was created by the Free Hanseatic City Bremen. Task of the foundation Bremen Sculptor Prize is to award the Roland Prize for Public Art.

The prize honours artists whose works represent outstanding conceptions of public art. Until now it has been awarded to the female artists Maria Nordman, Monica Bonvicini, Michaela Melián and Jochen Gerz, Christian Boltanski, Thomas Hirschhorn, Stephan Huber and Hans Haacke. Until 1989 the foundation awarded this prize under the name of “Bremen Sculptor Prize” to the artists Alfred Hrdlicka, Fritz Cremer and Waldemar Grzimek. Some oft the prizewinners have realised a work in the public space in Bremen.

Organs of the foundation are the executive board and the committee. The foundation’s board consists of three persons appointed for the course of six years by the senate of the Free Hanseatic City Bremen. For the period 2021 -2027 are appointed Dr. Andreas Mackeben, Prof.Dr. Florian Matzner (Vorsitzender), Rose Pfister. 

The board appoints one of its members as chairman who represents the foundation in public life. The committee consists of up to six member appointed by the board whose term of office last for six years, too. Board and committee together form the jury.

The jury gathers every three years. Its members are allowed to hand in two suggestions each from which the prizewinner is chosen.


Gedenkort Lager Ulrichsschuppen
Michaela Melián, 2024

Michaela Melián, winner of the Roland Prize in 2018, has created a memorial site for the prisoner of war and forced labor camp on the grounds of the former Ulrichsschuppen in the port area of Walle in Bremen. It was unveiled to the public in April 2024.

Kulturhaus Walle Brodelpott