Christian Boltanski is Roland prizewinner 1996

The Roland Prize for art in public space 1996 goes to the French artist Christian Boltanski who was born 1944 in Paris and lives there.

“Christian Boltanski receives the Roland Prize for Public Art in recognition of his complete works focusing on the social memory with examples of personal and individual remembrances respectively for many years. In relation to public art the jury explicitly refers to the work ‚The Missing House’. With this work in Berlin 1991 Christian Boltanski used for the first time architectural and sculptural means in the city’s public space to emphasise the ‘in-obliterability’ of traditional history beyond monuments. With this work remembrance manifests itself in public space in a new sculptural dimension.”
(Laudation of the jury 1996)

He realises the project from August 10th to September 30th 2004
“Les Regards – Sculpture for Bremen”