Stephan Huber is Roland prizewinner 2006

The „Roland Prize for Public Art 2006” has been awarded to the German artist Stephan Huber, who was born in 1952 at Lindberg / Allgäu and is residing at Munich .

The jury of the foundation Bremen Sculptor Prize justify their decision as follows:

„Stephan Huber has fully accepted the challenge that modern society does not know any more a representative language of pictures and he attempts to create public awareness by his art in a highly differentiated and multishaped way. Without any awe of traditional formulas and conventions he develops his own easy to grasp iconographies in which a highly intellectual and esthetic demand combines with immediate comprehensibility. His texts captivate by their circumspection and clearness of the argumentation, yet his sense for hilarity as an important ingredient of public effectiveness of art is not dampened at all by his insight into the seriousness of the problems.

The vivacity and originality of his mind make him a fertile stimulator and initiator beyond his own work, as the project “Art in the Petuel Park ” (which started in 2004) has recently proved once again.”

He realises the project 2008 – 2010
“Works in prosperity, 2” – a performative project for Bremen