Les Regards

Les Regards. Sculpture for Bremen

The winner of the Roland Prize for Public Art 1996 realises his work "LesRegards. Sculpture for Bremen" in the city's public space from August 10th - September 30th 2004. All over Bremen "Les Regards" (in English "The Looks") will be found on giant posters, supplied flyers, as newspaper supplements and in the Internet. It is the declared intention of the artist to introduce "Les Regards" directly into the city's visual flow and make them emerge in everyday life where else advertisements and colourful advertising are to be seen.

"Les Regards" are black and white photos of several ever recurring motifs of looks. Taken quasi out of the face and blown up like cut-outs, these pairs of eyes seem to look directly at accidental passers-by and intent observers. At the same time it becomes evident that they have to be cuttings from old photos or movies. The public dialog between look and counter-look is however not affected by it. On the contrary: looks are apparently changed beyond the borders of time and one begins to reconsider these strange and at the same time intensive signs and their visualisation…